What to Expect From Medicare Part D…

Because you may be wondering what happens when you first get your Medicare Part D coverage, we want to give you an idea of what to expect.

After you enroll, the first item you’ll get in the mail is a “Letter of Acknowledgement”. This is a one page letter with enough information for you to actually pick up your prescription at the pharmacy, even if you haven’t gotten your Part D prescription card yet.

Next, you’ll get your “Welcome Kit” in the mail. Make sure you keep an eye out for this kit because it includes your prescription card, an abridged version of the Formulary, and also your Pharmacy directory that tells you which pharmacies are preferred (where you get best price) and are in network for your plan. This Welcome Kit also gives you the mail order information for the medications in your plan.

Now, for your convenience, you should carry your prescription card in your wallet at all times. And, when you provide the pharmacy with your card, it will automatically pull up the price that you should be paying for that medication with your plan.

Some people like to pick up a 90 day supply of their medications so they don’t have to go back to the pharmacy each month. If you want to do this, just know the pharmacy will charge you three times the 30 day price , and in order to do this your prescription has to be written for a 90 day supply.

By the way, you don’t get a discount or any savings by getting a 90 day supply at the pharmacy. However, if you use your Part D insurance company’s dedicated mail order supplier, you may get special pricing that way.

There are other things you’ll want to know about Part D and we’ve got more helpful information for you on this website so feel free to explore.