What is a Special Election Period (SEP)?

Have you lost your prescription drug insurance coverage (or are you about to)?

Whether you are leaving an employer plan, or moving outside your current plan’s coverage area, or dropping a Medicare Advantage plan, or some other qualifying reason, you have a 63 day window of opportunity to sign up for Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage.

With the help available to you on this resource page, you don’t have to worry. We’ll help guide you through the Part D details and show you how to get the right plan for you in just a few minutes.

Now, when it comes to Medicare Part D, there are some rules about eligibility. So, to help you navigate the system, as a service to our Medigap360 family, we’ve created a simple online resource that you can use. Click HERE

Important: While there are some exceptions, in most cases you’re coming off of other insurance and you have 63 days from the day your current coverage ends. For example, if your coverage ends on September 15th, then the 63 day countdown begins on September 15th. If you miss this 63 day “Special Enrollment Period”, then you’ll have lifetime penalties to pay. Also, if you miss this window to enroll, you’ll have to wait until the Annual Enrollment Period to get a plan.